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The EQS (Education Quality Standards), The EQS describe what a high-quality education should look like for students attending different international private or public schools, academies, colleges, Training providers, and International Private and Public Universities.  The Rules Are Governed by EIEAS (European International Education Accreditation Standards) which are a set of standard quality assurance and Educational Accreditations system i.e. popularly known as Eu Education Quality Standards, and were approved by the EIEAS Board of Education Center, which is an ongoing yearly basis of verification, certification, program or institutional accreditation, auditing and International Education Institute’s Policies, existing plan or future strategies review/evaluation and EQS Accreditation process to the international colleges, training service provider, academics, and Universities Private, Public and Distance Learning education providers located all over the world. EIEAS is managed by international board Members and Senior Academicians, Professors, Prestigious Professionals and Quality Auditors.

What is Education Quality Standards (EQS)? The Education Quality Standards (EQS) Evaluation Tool is a set of guidelines used by school/college/academy/University leaders and teachers to increase student achievement and strengthen educational and service oriented institutional sustainability.

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How to use the quality standards?
Each Quality Standard has a set of indicators to help you determine if an educational institute has attained standard quality. As you review each indicator, there are guiding format/questions to identify, rank and find evidence that your educational institute exemplifies or assures or offers quality in action.

The educational leaders and teachers, governing board members, parents, and community members can use the Quality Standards as a benchmark and road map to define quality for their academic institutes and for international private or public or distance learning education.

EIEAS Assures Quality Standards: EIEAS Reviews, scrutinizes, verifies the educational institutes existing plans, objectives, strategies and future oriented set goals and Setting out quality goals and regulations. Setting out explicit quality goals and regulations can help align resources with prioritised areas, promote more co-ordinated edu services, level the playing field for providers and help parents make informed choices.
Designing and implementing curriculum and standards. Curriculum or learning standards can ensure consistent quality for EIEAS provision across different settings, help educational institutes to enhance institutional internal and external strategies and help edu entrepreneurs to better understand respective strategic gap findings and development.
Improving qualifications, training and working conditions. EIEAS voluntary staff play the key role in ensuring program and curriculum development and learning process monitoring. Areas for reform include attained qualifications, initial education, professional development and teaching working conditions, faculties or teachers using tools, methodologies and education related resources used etc.

Engaging families and external and internal communities. Parents, mentors and communities should be regarded as “partners” working towards the same goal. Home learning or distance learning environments and neighbourhood matter for quality education development and learning.
Continuing education, advancing studies, field studies, filed data collection, research and monitoring. Data, research and monitoring are powerful tools for improving pupil’s or researchers study outcomes and driving continuous improvement in service delivery.

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