The EIEAS Standards for Accreditation are a unique, analytical, research-based, rigorous, modern, and superior set of practices and concepts reflective of educational best-quality practices that:


EIEAS conducts periodic reviews of its Education Quality Standards and protocols to stay aligned with current educational standards, best practices, and independent educational institutional regulations, and to remain responsive to member needs. Also, EIEAS has a unique and systematic policy that applies thorough scrutiny of the Academic Institutes and Training Institutes in the appended areas:

Standard 1:  Mission, Vision, and Objectives/Goals/Purposes

Standard 2:  Strategies and Policies

Standard 3:  Planning/Plan and Evaluation

Standard 4:  Organization and Governance,

Management and Administrative Operations,

Standard 5:  Educational Administration and Faculty Qualification,

Standard 6:  The Academic Program or Professional/Training Program

Standard 7:  Students Recruiting and Advertising for enrollment/admission

Standard 8:  Admissions Policies and practices,

Standard 9:  Students or Trainees services

Standard 10:  Students Expectations and Students Achievement

Standard 11:  Students Extra Curricular Activities

Standard 12:  Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship, Financial Support

Standard 13: Students Extra Curricular Activities

Standard 14: Academic Research Policies and Publication Practices

Standard 15: Institutional Resources

Standard 16:  Educational Effectiveness

Standard 17: Infrastructures (In case of campus-based institute)

Standard 18: International Accreditation, Affiliation, Collaboration practices

Standard 19: Distance Education, Online Education, E-Learning practices

Standard 20: Integrity, Transparency, and Public Disclosure


All provisions of the EIEAS Education Accreditation Standards are effective as of January 1, 2022, and if there any areas are revised or updated shall be announced here from time to time.