EIEAS (European International Education Accreditation Standards) © are inviting nominations (self-nominations or nominations through others) from legendary leaders, scholars, Academicians, and different professionals, for the award of Honorary Fellowships, Honorary Life Members, Honorary Doctorates, Distinguished Professorship in various areas, Top Distinguished Professorship for innovations/Scientific Research or Theories, Dual Honorary Awards with EIEAS International Partner(s). The EIEAS Honorary Awards are the highest award and most prestigious award given by the EIEAS to individuals of long distinguished service provided to higher education sectors and specific professional fields. Only the EIEAS Board of Chairman/President and Directors may authorize the award of an honorary degree under special circumstances and the Honorary awardee’s personal profile details will be stored in the EIEAS database for a lifetime. It is the policy of EIEAS to award honorary degrees on a selective basis to distinguished individuals or professionals from different fields who merit special recognition for genuine life achievement and distinction in a field or activity consonant with the mission of the EIEAS. The award should represent the highest intellectual and moral values; it should reflect the very character and quality of the Institute itself.

EIEAS Honorary Awards are approved by the EIEAS European International authority, WAC (WORLD ACCREDITATION COMMISSION) and recognized by ITQSM (TQSM), the Institute of Total Quality Service Measurement, IAQAHE (QAHE) International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-tertiary and Higher Education and BQS (Board of Quality Standards), BQS has globally recognized certifications and over 50 institutions accredited agencies partners and a mother organization for Quality Assurance in Education, University accreditation.

Procedure Of Honorary Awards:

Administrative Handling Fee for each Award to support the operational expenses, certification cost of the award, and accreditation support services of EIEAS ©:

Distinguished Professorship/Top Distinguished Professorship for Innovations/Scientific Research or Theories: EURO € 900 (Hardcopy) or EURO € 650 (Digital Award).
Honorary Fellowship: EURO € 1,000 (Hardcopy) or EURO € 800 (Digital Award).
Honorary Doctorate: EURO € 1,200 (Hardcopy only) or EURO € 850 (Digital Award).                                                    Honorary Chartered Doctorate: EURO € 1,350 (Hardcopy only) or EURO € 1,050 (Digital Award).                                Honorary Chartered Professorship: EURO € 1,300 (Hardcopy only) or EURO € 1,050 (Digital Award).                          Honorary Chartered Fellowship (Lifetime award): EURO € 1,500 (Hardcopy only) or EURO € 1,050 (Digital Award).

And                                                                                                                                                                                                  Honorary Dual Certifications / Dual or Joint Honorary Awards (Any field): EURO € 1,850 (Hardcopy only) or EURO € 1,350 (Digital Award).

### Developing countries and Least Developing Countries candidates are eligible for special fees waiver/Discount (%).

ANY FURTHER INFORMATION, Please contact us at Email: accrediation.eieas@gmail.com